Emily Vallance

Robbie Hyndman
November 16, 2017
Eliza Barnett
March 9, 2019
SMG Brand Ambassador
Q1. What are your greatest strength’s on and off the indoor cricket court.
A1. Strength on the court is putting 100% into everything i do whether that’s bowling, batting or fielding. Off the court would be supporting the team in every way i can whether that’s filling water bottles or scoring.
Q2. If you were allowed to invite 3 dinner guest for one evening who would they be and why.
A2. The 3 people i would take to dinner would be my family especially my Mum and Dad who have supported me through everything i have done throughout my indoor cricket career and either one of my sisters.
Q3. What has been your greatest achievement in the sport of indoor cricket and why.
A3. My greatest achievement has been making the Open Women’s Queensland team in 2019.
Q4. Name 3 of the greatest players you have played with or against in your indoor cricket career.
A4. Playing Open’s with Jude Coleman cause she is always so positive on and off the court, I love playing on the same team as Dulane Carson as i loved batting with her at last years Open Women’s Nationals, I don’t believe i have ever played against Claire Koski before but she has seen meas one of her favourite players which is a thrill for me.
Q5. What is your number one holiday destination anywhere in the world and why.
A5. I really want to go to Hawaii, the beaches look amazing.
Q6. How do you like to unwind when your not playing indoor cricket.
A6. Chilling watching Netflix and eating food, i also love going to the movies.
Q7. What excites you the most about being involved with SMG for 2020/21.
A7. What most excites me about SMG is wearing and using the brand and helping put the brand out and around the world, Also trying to get more men and women using the brand and meeting other cricket players from around the world that are ambassadors for this lovely company SMG