Corey Perrett

Olivia Winter
March 9, 2019
Grant Trone
January 31, 2020
SMG Brand Ambassador
Q1. What are your greatest strength’s on and off the indoor cricket court.
A1. Competitiveness on and off the court.
Q2. If you were allowed to invite 3 dinner guest for one evening who would they be and why.
A2 .Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant & Roger Federer. Learn how to win from the best.
Q3. What has been your greatest achievement in the sport of indoor cricket and why.
A3. NZ Men’s debut. Something I’d strived for for years.
Q4. Name 3 of the greatest players you have played with or against in your indoor cricket career’s.
A4. Leigh Kelly, Victor Davies and Ryan Dowse.
Q5. What is your number one holiday destination anywhere in the world and why.
A5. Palau because it’s stunning.
Q6. How do you like to unwind when your not playing indoor cricket.
A6. Other sports, music and dogs.
Q7. What excites you the most about being involved with SMG for 2020/21.
A7. Opportunity to work with Brett and fellow ambassadors to promote the brand.